Friday, December 18, 2015

2 more crazy weeks in the books

my last post missed the actual publish button by a week.  It was ready to go in draft form for a while though!  So two posts today!

In the last 2 weeks we've had a lot going on.  I finished the closet flooring but we still have a long way to go to get the floor completely finished.  I need to get back on it.

Last Friday night I got a late phone call.  Around 1 AM.  Which is never a good thing.  My dad ended up having a pretty bad heart attack.  So i jumped in the car and headed to hays.  Met my mom and sister there and we waited while they performed a heart cath on Dad.  He had a 100% blockage in his right main artery and that is what led to the heart attack.  They were able to stent it and get him stable.  He spent a few days in ICU though.  I got home at noon on Saturday and got ready for Kelci's cousins wedding.  It was a nice ceremony and nice to see all of Kelci's family get together.  I left fairly early so I could catch up on some sleep and then Kelci and I headed back to Hays on Sunday morning.  Dad was settled into his ICU room by then and was just dealing with some lingering AFIBS and blood pressure issues.  We spent the afternoon in Hays and headed home in the early evening.  Monday we just hung out as a family and then Tuesday when Kelci got off of work we headed back up to hays.  Dad was in a regular room so we could take the kids.  Andi's whole family was there and we were able to celebrate my moms bday.  which was put on hold for a few days!

Wednesday and Thursday we just hung out with the family.  I did try and ride my bike in the morning on Weds.  But i had 2 flat tires, and my bike pump had quit working.  Also my powertap stopped transmitting and so did my cadence censor.  So i bought new batteries for everything and hopefully Saturday morning i can try and spin my legs a bit.  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of training by the 28th and try and start the year on a good fitness kick.  I'm heavy and Lethargic lately and i know i need to do something about it.

Well I have a big weekend planned and I'll hopefully write all about it.  Sorry no pictures this week!

almost missed a week there

Between sickness and the holiday we had a pretty crazy week.  Boston is dealing with ear infections and Ben has croup.  So lots of fun over thanksgiving at our house.  Weds Ben was home with a fever so he ended up going to work with me.  I had to go in to make some calls for my trip next week.  I think he liked walking through the Brick Plant with me and hanging out in my office.  I took him some play dough and he made some bricks of his own.

 The night before Thanksgiving Ben spent the entire night with a high fever and a horrible cough.  We tried the nebulizer and it just wasnt working.  So Kelci used her pull at the hospital to get Ben admitted as an outpatient and got him epinephrine shots.  Since it was Thanksgiving of course we had 2 meals we were supposed to go to.  Kelcis family for lunch and then mine later in the evening in Russell.  Well I stayed home for Kelcis with Ben, and then she came home and switched places with me so Boston and I headed to Russell.  To make matters worse we were hit with a pretty strong Ice storm that evening and we headed home early since the roads were iced and just getting worse.

Friday I was the only one in the office.  I hung out up front and just watched a few tv shows.  Only phone calls were from our other plant.  So it was pretty much a waste of a day.  Kelci had the day off so she hung out at home with Kamben who was feeling a bit better.  But Boston has ear infections so that day she was the sick one!

Saturday Ben was again feverish and having a rough day.  Boston also had a fever in the morning but she was still pretty happy.  Kelci headed to Wichita with her mom and sis in law for some shopping so it was just me and the kiddos all day.  About as lazy of a weekend as you can have!

The following monday everyone was feeling better.  Work entailed getting ready for my trip.  Tuesday bright and early i headed to KC for a lunch meeting with one of our distributors.  After that I headed 3 1/2 hours east to St Louis.  Got into town around 5, checked in at the hotel, then headed to Chipotle for Dinner.  I've now eaten Chipotle in 8 States.  Hopefully I can keep adding to that total.  After dinner I headed to the St Louis Outlet Mall.  Which was a huge mall with tons of stores, but it was pretty much empty.  I was there to see the final Hunger Games movie in IMAX.  Moving away from wichita i've really missed having that massive 3 story movie screen only a mile from my house!
Weds I had a meeting in St Louis and then a 1:00 meeting a few hours south in Cape Girardeau.  That meeting didnt go so well so i was pretty unhappy that i spent 5 hours in the car for not alot of gain.  But anyways i had about a 10 hour drive home from Cape Girardeau.  Back up to St Louis, then over to KC.  At KC i had to stop and take a break.  So ran into a book store at Legends and got some Cold Stone.  Then it was back in the car for the 4 hour drive home.  Around Midnight i pulled into the driveway.  With 15 minutes left on my Audiobook :(.  Still havent listened to Awol reach the peak of Katahdin!

Thursday Kelci again went to Wichita for Ben to have a Dentist appt and do more shopping.  So bossy and i hung out until late when Kelci got home.

 Friday was Kelcis work Christmas party.  It was a Oriental carnival theme.  So we had a nice dinner and were getting ready to play some games.  Unfortunately Kelcis Grandma had an emergency and we had to rush out of the party and over to Doris's house.  She had yawned and felt her jaw move out of place.  So we took her to the ER.   It turned into a big ordeal and I went home at 10 to take care of the kids and Kelci was in the ER until midnight and then stayed at Doris's house to keep an eye on her through the night.

So Saturday was just spent lounging around the house and playing outside.  It warmed up considerably and was nice to just all hang out.  Sunday we headed to a pancake feed fundraiser around lunchtime.  Then i had a basketball game in GB.  We only had 4 players show up for the game which was pretty disappointing.  We of course were out played but we made the most of it and actually didnt lose by nearly as much as we could have.  I had a few good plays and made some baskets but it was pretty discouraging.  Hopefully next week we get a better turnout.   Then Sunday night was Steelers Football against the Colts.  It was a great game to be a Steelers fan as they blew them out pretty handily.  Steelers are right in the mix for a playoff spot but there are still 4 games left!

Well that gets it all caught up.  Hopefully this week we get a little further on the floor and keep getting the house in better shape.