Monday, November 2, 2015


I’m busy with work, putting down a new floor in our house, and now I’m playing on a basketball team.   Kelci is busy figuring out her new job.  Trying to open a new clinic in a new town being a new resident.  Also learning how to work in a ER for the first time.  While also trying to get things unpacked and organized in the new house, while cleaning up after the construction messes I’m making.  Bens busy figuring out preschool.  Almost playing on a soccer team and just being a rambunctious 3 year old.
Last weekend we started tearing out the carpet and tile in our living room/dining room.  It was just nasty and had to come out. 

Here’s the before:

Kelci and I both wanted to replace it with a wood floor and we settled on LVT planks.  Basically laminate that is on top of manufactured wood.  It uses tongue and groove to lay down pretty quickly.  The first night I tried it I was having trouble getting everything to seal well and basically ruining the boards by overly hammering them to get a tight fit.  Checked YouTube for some tips and saw how other DIYers were having better luck putting them together backwards.  So that’s what I did.  And it started working pretty nice.

Process is pretty easy.  First we put down an underlayment that is supposed to spread the load out from the individual planks and also help with noise management in the basement.  Then starting in the corner you work in a stagger pattern.  Putting the table saw, miter saw and jigsaw to good use!

Thursdays Kelci is on call in the ER in Hoisington.  So that puts me on dad duty for the night.  But a few weeks ago i got invited to play on a basketball team in great bend.  Has a few old friends from high school on it so it should be alot of fun.  We ended up getting together on Thursday to play a pick up game and dust off the cobwebs.  Since i haven't played basketball in quite some time I'm going to be hurting for a few days!  Kelci and i are so blessed to have her parents here in town.  Her Mom and Dad are usually able to grab the kids for us when we have something else going on that we need to do and might not be kiddo friendly.  We are so grateful that they are there for us.  Kelci was called into the ER immediately after work and her parents were able to watch the kids for a few hours.

Friday was family pictures with Kelcis family.   Kelci had purchased her mother a picture package back on Mothers day and we finally got around to using it.  Unfortuately that also happened to be the only day we've had any sort of rain lately.  So we ended up inside to take the photos.  After that it was a nice dinner out then back home.

Saturday we were up early so i could get back onto the floor.  Worked about 6 hours, tearing up more carpet and pad and pulling staples, and getting another layer of boards in the living room and got most of the entry way finished.

After that it was time to get cleaned up for Halloween.  Ben decided he wanted to be a rocketship so Kelci bought a Astronaut costume for Boston.  They looked pretty much adorable together.  We visited all the family before dark and then headed out trick or treating with Bryce, Abi and Grandma Della.  I stayed home on candy duty and passed out the candy to tons of kids.  it was pretty great.

Well that was our week!

- Kevin

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