Friday, November 13, 2015

Pretty much just more flooring = Boring

A new week is here.  and so is Daylight Savings Time.  I enjoy leaving for work at 7 in the morning and having it be light out.  But not more than i absolutely despise it being dark at 6:00.  My new job means i get off at 4:00 and have a few hours of daylight but its just not enough.  And Winter isn't even here yet!

Monday was a pretty lazy day.   Kelci's volleyball team had their final games.  They ended up going the season undefeated.  It was pretty cool to see Kelci participating in a sport.  She has never had the time or chance to play before we moved to Ho-Town and its great watching her compete!  We are hoping to get a coed team together so she can keep playing.  We are trying to get Ben to go to bed earlier and tried to use the time change to make it happen.  So off to bed at 8 for him.  But i think hes got my plot figured out. He just plays around and sings in bed for an hour.

Tuesday was a sales meeting in Concordia KS so was after 5 when i got home.  Then got right to work on the floor again.  Had a time consuming cut around our angled hall closet entrance but then was able to get in a grove and get some work done.  20 boards later it was time for the kids to sleep and the saws and hammers got put away for the night.

So only a few hours meant only a few boxes of boards got put in.  But progress is progress!

Wednesday was work and then some basketball practice.  an enjoyable but fairly unproductive day!

Thursdays are Kelci's current call night.  Part of her new job is covering the ER at the local hospital.  Since she is new to working in a ER setting she has been shadowing the other PA's and Dr's.  She got to come home for about half an hour before she had to head back to the hospital.  So i was in charge of feeding the kids and playing.  Since I couldn't work on the floor I took the opportunity to knock out some laundry, and general tidying.  I know Kelci has been particularly frustrated in our mess of of a house lately.  Both of us cant wait to get it to where we can just live in it!

Friday meant a little time to work on the floor then off to bed.  Nothing too exciting!

Saturday I got right to work on the floor.  got to the doorway into the kitchen from the dining room.  So i had to tear the floor up behind the fridge and in the main kitchen area.  Well when i got to that i noticed the floor was wet under the fridge.  Turns out our water line has been leaking for some time.
So instead of knocking out flooring most of my time went to fixing the subfloor and wall.  Took a few hours in the afternoon to meet up with my friend Heath to go into Great Bend for a late lunch and a beer.  Great escape from my flooring problems!

Sunday i got back to work on the floor and filled in the area under the fridge so we could get it back in place as well as about half of the kitchen area.  Then it was off to Great Bend for a my first basketball game of the season.  Unfortunately not much of our team showed up and we were playing the reigning league champs.  We kept the game close for the whole first half and never really let it get away but did end up playing from behind for most of the game.

I didn't feel great before my basketball game and felt pretty bad when we went food shopping after it. Ended up feeling terribly nauseous all night and staying home Monday from work.  A day of rest was pretty helpful and i felt better by Monday evening.

Tuesday was just another day, nothing special.  We did make a trip out Spuds the new restaurant in the old Shaneys.  It wasn't anything too special unfortunately.  I don't think we'll be making many trip back.

Weds was Veterans day.  When i worked at the bank I always had Veterans day off.   I didn't expect that when I started at the Brick Plant but turns out they take the day off as well.  So that meant another day working on the floor.  Was able to completely finish the dining room.  Then we had a parent teacher conference at Ben's school.  Turns out he is extremely bright but he isn't the best listener.  Who could have guessed!  We spend lots of time every day talking about letters and numbers and counting and reading and coloring and all that jazz.  So in his preschool class he is expected to be able to count to 10 on his own by the end of the year.  Well in the first semester he can count to 39 :)  and actually can go quite a bit higher with prompting.

Thursday was Kelci's call night so it was just me and the kiddos until we had a 10 min Kelci sighting at 10 pm.  then she was gone again until 12:30.  The ER was really jumping on Thursday!  Ben was tired and went to sleep without any help on the couch before 7.  So i just put him in bed.  But Boston is fighting double ear infections and she took 3 hours to get to sleep.  It was pretty frustrating but I need to work on patience and understanding that its not something shes doing on purpose.

Well this weekend is my bday and we are going to Wichita to see friends so it should be great!  Also here are some pictures of a beautiful 7 month old!

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