Monday, November 23, 2015

Guess what Im still working on....

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I was back to work on the floor.  Got quite a bit of the kitchen done.  Ran into a issue where i am a 1/8 of an inch off on my gap between the entrance way and the door to the kitchen.  Somehow when i made my way through the doorway from the dining room into the kitchen or the transition from the living room into the entrance way something got moved or angled and it was just enough to add up to an 1/8 by the time I got 20 feet forward.  Only option is to put in a transition piece on the floor between the two rooms.  Kicking myself that it happened but there aren't any other options without taking a couple hundred square feet of floor back out!

Friday was just a fun night in with the family.  Didn't worry about the floor.  Ben and I made a trip into GB to get some brad nails for the trim, then grabbed some Bruams and headed to Grandma Nancy's to hang out.  Nancy bought us a huge area rug for the living room.  Which was a blessing in that we got a 300 rug for free but also made my wife nervous because she is particular about how she wants the room to look.  Luckily the rug worked out perfectly.  Although i question all the effort I have put into this floor and now we are going to cover half of it up!

Saturday was spent finishing the flooring in our Kitchen table area.  Also got the quarter round trim stained.  Its much yellower than the rest of the trim in our house though. I'm going to give it a second coat and see if that helps it to darken up a bit.  The current trim is almost a little bit red in comparison.

Sunday was a busy day.  Up pretty early and got to work in our detached garage getting things organized and making room.  We have had lots of our stuff still in storage at Kelci's Grandma Doris's house.  Well she wants to put her car in the garage so we got to work moving stuff out of there.  While we were moving things we also moved household stuff out of the detached garage and into the basement.  Then in the evening Doug and Della came over and helped us move our living room furniture up from the basement.  So alot of carrying heavy furniture up and down!  But we got the living room situated how we want it.  Although its still missing all the trim!

Sunday afternoon i had our 3rd basketball game.  The team we were playing was fairly similar to ours in that they had a couple good playmakers and then avg rest of the team.  But i think we ended up stealing the win from them.  We had a great run at the end of the first half that put us ahead by 12.  Then in the second half they closed to within 3.  It lead to a very intense last 3 minutes of the game.  I had a few good rebounds and scored around 10 points.  got fouled late when they were in desperation mode and sank both free throws.  Which was great since i had missed the first 2 I took earlier in the game.  We only had 6 guys show up so got to play all but 4 minutes of the game.

Saturday night Kelci though maybe Boston was too cold at night and that was why she kept waking up all the time.  So in the middle of the night she bundled her up and she slept the rest of the night.  So Sunday she started her out all warm and cozy.  And.....   she slept the longest shes ever slept straight.  It was wonderful!  She looked pretty silly though :)

And that was our Week!

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