Wednesday, November 18, 2015

30 and i feel like i am just getting started!

Monday was my 30th Bday.  It was a pretty low key affair and i honestly don't feel any different.  I still feel like I have alot to accomplish and alot of growing up left to do!  But looking back over the last 10 years and alot of life has happened.  I've had the greatest moments of my life and also my absolute worst.  But I'm expecting great things out of the next 30 years for sure!

Saturday we were up early and headed to Wichita.  It honestly felt weird to be visiting Wichita from Hoisington and not the other way around.  The plan was to meet up with Sean for some disc golf, then get together to eat and go watch the Wichita Thunder hockey team.  Sean said he needed to have his son Aiden with him all day so we decided to bring Ben along for the trip as well.  When we got to town we did a little shopping then Kelci wanted to go to Chick Fil A for lunch and to let Ben run around.  Sean and Aiden met us there and the 4 of us headed to the Warren to watch the new Peanuts movie.  We decided it was too windy for throwing disc, plus we had the boys with us.  Ben did good at the movie.  He was pretty engrossed and didn't move from the previews right through most of the credits.

After that we headed to All Star Sports.  It was a bit of a mad house but we had a bag of tokens from last year when we had gone to play games and we divided those up between the boys and let them run wild.  Ben is just starting to get the hang of playing games and he gravitated towards the bike and car driving options.

Once the boys had traded their earned tickets for a few bouncy balls we went to River City Brewery for dinner.  I love the atmosphere and delicious craft beer so it was the perfect spot.  Plus its fairly close to the Arena for the hockey game.  We drove over to the Arena and parked in our favorite free parking spot only 2 blocks away and headed in.  I hadn't purchased tickets yet but knew they had corner bowl seats for only 9 bucks.  Well we got there and they told us that those seats were sold out and we would have to get seats behind the nets for 20 bucks each.  And the boys needed their own tickets!  so a 30 dollar semi pro hockey game turned into a 60 dollar game and for that amount its just not worth it.  Kelci doesn't enjoy hockey and Ben wasn't particularly interested either.  At least the game was exciting.  Went into overtime and then a shootout.  Unfortunately the Thunder came out on the losing end this time.

After the game we headed to our hotel over by Dugan and settled in.  Ben was still pretty wound up so we had a fun time playing in the room before bed.  Since I didn't know he was going to be going when i booked the room i had only got a queen bed.  Luckily Kelci was able to throw a little bed together for Kamben on the recliner in the room and we didn't have to worry about him squirming all over the place on our bed!

We woke up early so Kelci could get some more shopping in and then headed to brunch at Granite City.  Met up with a few of my old co-workers and their families.  The brunch at GC is fantastic.  We loaded up on breakfast stuff and then went right into the prime rib and pasta.  Its expensive but worth it when you realize your probably not going to be hungry again that day!  After eating we hit up Lowes and Sams and got headed out of town.  I watched the Steelers game on my phone while Kelci drove.  Love it when the Steelers can hand it to the Browns!

When we got back into town i took a quick power nap and then headed to GB for my second basketball game.  Got there just in time for the game to start so didnt get any warm up and had to come in off the bench.  We were playing a team with a bunch of guys around our age and skill level and it was a close game.  Again the Ref was terrible and there were fouls galore.  Since i play under the basket most of the time I got pretty beat up.  But had a few good rebounds and put backs.  The game came down to the wire and unfortunately ended up losing by 3.

Monday we went to my inlaws for dinner.  Della was awesome enough to put together a delicous Meatloaf feast and invited Bryan and Ashley.  So we ate up and enjoyed time with the family.  Ben loves to see his uncle Poey and with hunting season now in full swing it will be pretty much holidays only when we get a chance to see them!

Well that was our busy weekend and the start of the last year of the 3rd decade of my life.  Im going to work my ass off to make it one of the most memorable yet!

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